Here’s a photo of the cat after it was rescued by Jen Leary of Red Paw. She’s doing fine and has already seen the vet. Please check their website if you’re interested in adopting or donating to their cause. Visit our website at Visit Red Paw at:

Buying a New Home?

If you’re in the process of purchasing a new home, there’s something everyone should always consider, but few are aware of.  Mold Testing is primarily the process of either collecting air or surface samples for analysis to determine whether or not the home has any form of growth.  It is with this inexpensive series of […]


Every so often, I’ll get a call because of a house fire.  Recently, upon inspecting a home which had fire damage I noticed that the renters left a cat behind claiming that they couldn’t catch it.  But when I was on the second floor without any knowledge that anyone or thing was in the house, […]

What Now?

When a death or traumatic event occurs unexpectedly or in a violent manner, most property owners lack the knowledge or experience to know what to do.  In certain situations a family member may take their own life leaving a scene which contains biological and potentially infectious waste behind.  Other times a family member or friend […]


The final photo in our series which looked at a basement in where the joists were treated and encapsulated, shows the room brought back to pre-loss condition. In 7 days the ceiling tile and suspension grid was removed, the basement was contained with air control being established, the joists in the basement and the two […]

Rug Cleaning

After the encapsulate was completed the next step was to heat steam and wash the carpeting. This was to insure all dirt, and previous stains were removed. Fans and a dehumidifier was placed in the basement to rapid dry the carpets, so that we didn’t elevate the relative humidity. Visit our site at