Getting What You Pay For – Part 1

Why do contractors have such varying prices for the same job? Focusing on mold projects, this will be a short four part series to explain the reason that some contractors charge more than others. Let’s say your in the market for an attic to be cleaned due to growth caused by either poor ventilation or […]

Water Damage

Pictured here is a photo of a home with a burst pipe that caused extensive water damage which leaked in approximately 80% of the entire dwelling.  The dining room floors and most of the walls had to be removed.

Most Common House Fires

1.  The most common type of fire in the U.S. is the kitchen fire. The reason that the kitchen is the source of many fire hazards is because the kitchen is where heat, electricity, water, and grease come together.  The most common type of kitchen fire is the grease fire. A grease fire is extremely […]

Histoplasmosis – Part 1

Histoplasmosis is an infection caused by breathing in spores of a fungus often found in bird and bat droppings. Histoplasmosis is most commonly transmitted when these spores become airborne, often during cleanup or demolition projects.  Soil contaminated by bird or bat droppings also can transmit histoplasmosis, so farmers and landscapers are at a higher risk […]

Histoplasmosis – Part 2

Risk Factors The chances of developing histoplasmosis symptoms increase with the number of spores you inhale. Professions with a higher likelihood of spore exposure include: Farmers Pest control workers Poultry keepers Construction workers Roofers Landscapers and gardeners Most at Risk of Severe Infection Very young children and older adults have weaker immune systems, so they’re […]

Histoplasmosis – Part 3

Treatment & Drugs Treatment usually isn’t necessary if you have a mild case of histoplasmosis. But if your symptoms are severe or if you have the chronic or disseminated forms of the disease, you’ll likely need treatment with one or more antifungal drugs. Some of these medications come in pill form, but the strongest varieties […]