Before & After

Pictured here is a photo of a laundry room in Center City where the dryer wasn’t properly vented to the exterior because of historical restrictions.  Instead of using a ventless dryer, it was instead just vented under the cabinets causing water and mold damage.  Here’s the before and afters of the remediation and reconstruction.  

Our Angie’s List Record

Many people ask about the awards we’ve won on Angie’s List.  We’re going on our fifth year on Angie’s and have won an award for each year we’ve been on their site.  We also have more reviews and more A’s than any other contractor in our service industry.  Here’s the breakdown of awards we’ve won: 2011 […]

1 Way to Cheat

So, you hired a mold remediation company to remove mold from an area in your house and you requested them to preform post remediation testing to insure everything is okay.  A couple of days later, the test results come back and you’re given a clean slate.  All is well, right?  A common practice among some […]

What Lurks Behind

Pictured here is a photo of a wall in a living room adjoined to the back of the kitchen.  The insurance adjuster only initially paid the claim for this room, but after we opened the wall, we were able to confirm the damage was more extensive than originally assessed and an addendum had to be […]

Potential Slip & Fall Suits

With the winter season still holding on and another storm on its way, avoiding potential lawsuits is as simple as just shoveling and salting your property.  Injury lawyers pay significantly for airtime on radio and television this time of year, making everyone aware of their rights if they had an injury slipping on a sidewalk […]