Kilz vs. Encapsulates

Without getting into the technical side of this debate, I just want to bring up a few points to help some understand the differences between each, which can also answer why some mold companies price higher than others when this type of coating is applied after the cleaning is done.  Kilz, is basically a primer, […]


This is a very different blog than I usually write, since most of our blogs are about mold, water damage, fire, safety and many other types of health and home improvement issues.  With New Years approaching, I wanted to discuss something I see every year at the gym.  Usually around this time and especially after […]

Rescuing Xena

Pictured here is Xena. She was rescued by Red Paw after her house was intentionally set on fire. Her parents were murdered in the house prior to it being set ablaze, and Xena was rescued in an abandoned building two days later. The owner of MSI, Joe Fiorilli, is fostering her after several months of […]